Friday, July 11, 2008

darfur needs more peacekeepers

one year later, peacekeepers promised to darfur have not arrived

On July 31, 2007, the U.N. Security Council promised to deploy 19,000 additional peacekeepers to help stop the violence in Darfur. One year later, barely 2,000 of the authorized peacekeepers have arrived in Darfur, and those who are there lack the equipment and resources to do their jobs.

Raise your voice and let the five most powerful members of the U.N. Security Council know that failure to fully deploy peacekeepers in Darfur is morally unacceptable.

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via save darfur

Thursday, July 10, 2008

can we please throw this guy in prison where he belongs?

Rove ignores committee's subpoena, refuses to testify

Karl Rove's lawyers says he is immune from a congressional subpoena.

Rove's lawyer asserted that Rove was "immune" from the subpoena the committee had issued, arguing that the committee could not compel him to testify due to "executive privilege."


"A refusal to appear in violation of the subpoena could subject Mr. Rove to contempt proceedings, including statutory contempt under federal law and proceedings under the inherent contempt authority of the House of Representatives," [Rep. John] Conyers and [Rep. Linda] Sanchez wrote.
click here to read the letters from rove's lawyers "explaining" why he does not have to testify. these lawyers seem to have long ago sold their souls to the devil.

how long until obama is inaugurated? can we please try the entire bush administration for war crimes at that time?

this woman, for one, fervently hopes so.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

paradise lost?

Thousands evacuated as California fires rage on

Wind-driven flames leapt over fire lines at a rural community near the town of Paradise, 90 miles (144 kilometers) north of Sacramento and destroyed nearly 40 homes in the space of a few hours early Tuesday, emergency services said.

Chuck Rough, director of the emergency operations center in Paradise, told CNN that although conditions eased overnight, firecrews battling the 49,000-acre (19,800-hectare) blaze in Butte County were bracing for a heatwave.

the heat wave is expected to last at least 2 more days.