Saturday, February 16, 2008

congratulations, liberal blogosphere! we're stopping torture!

and we don't even to get up off our comfy asses! ;)

White House Claims Congress Is Caving to "Left Wing Bloggers" by Opposing Torture

"The American people will find it baffling that on a day that House leaders are trying to put off passing critical legislation to keep us safer from the threat of foreign terrorists overseas, they are spending scarce time to become the first congress in history to bring contempt charges against a president's chief of staff and lawyer. ... The 'people's House' should reflect the priorities of the American people, not the fantasies of left-wing bloggers."
- White House Press Secretary Dana Perino

um, i hate to tell you this dude, but the left-wing bloggers certainly do seem to know the american peoples' priorities a tad bit better than y'all do... why do you think you and your administration have a 27% approval rating?

muah ha ha ha! watch out for kos and huffington, bushie! run for cover!

via alternet

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