Sunday, February 24, 2008

enter nader, stage left (right?)

Nader Enters US Presidential Race

This is [Nader'] third run for the presidency. In 2000, Nader - as the candidate of the Green Party - won just less than three percent of the national vote. Many Democrats still blame him for Al Gore's loss that year, saying he siphoned off just enough liberal votes to cost Gore a very close election.

Nader said he will not be deterred.

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there's a great take on this over at dailykos:

"...As Hannah Arendt wrote in Eichmann in Jerusalem, "holes of oblivion do not exist. Nothing human is that perfect, and there are simply too many people in the world to make oblivion possible. One man will always be left alive to tell the story. Thus, nothing can ever be `practically useless,' at least not in the long run." But exemplary acts are the acts of saints or those with nothing else left to lose in the short run, but they are ethically responsible only as long as--and this is crucial--other people do not have to bear the risks and potential costs of their actions.

"For making America and the world bear the risks and potential costs of his actions, Ralph Nader should be judged one of the most unethical politicians in America."

obama responds to to nader's announcement


Anonymous said...

Maybe the folks who voted for Nader in 2000 have learned their lesson.

-- Z

lia said...

hopefully... or his pathetic ploy to destroy our country will be overshadowed by OBAMAMANIA!

Anonymous said...

"Most unethical politician in America" is a stretch. Maybe "worst person in the world"....
He's got very rigid black/white ideas (maybe a little aspergers-ish??) and is now, I truly believe, irrelevant. This time there is no Lewinsky scandal, no wooden Gore or Kerry and huge Bush Fatigue. McCain is a pretty poor excuse for a candidate, too.

So, I'm not worried......but my fingers are crossed. -ma