Tuesday, March 4, 2008


the mediaheads on cnn and msbc tonight keep repeating this: "well, clinton keeps changing the goalposts" - as they snigger disrespectfully. fuckers.

but isn't it the damn media who's changing the goalposts? earlier today they kept saying "clinton has to win texas and ohio to have any hope of staying in the race," and now that she has just won ohio and is slightly ahead in texas, they're saying things like: "well, arent a lot of people going to say that she didnt really this isnt really a victory... after all, not so long ago clinton was ahead 20 points in those states..." they have said "not so long ago" about 5 times in the last 30 mins.

they drive me nuts. i love keith olbermann but i cant watch msnbc coverage of the democratic election anymore because olbermann is so obviously derisive towards clinton and biased towards obama.

he's only supposed to be biased towards the republicans! ;)

time for clinton's victory speech in ohio.

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