Tuesday, June 3, 2008

clinton's last campaign speech - nyc

June 3, 2008
Baruch College


i was there! i met her, she looked in my eyes and held my hand. i inadvertently (i did NOT know i was going to say this, it just came out of my mouth) said: "you're a goddess. thank you." and she totally reacted, and held my hand with her left hand for like 10 seconds while she shook a bunch of other people's hands with her right.

it was so cheesy, but in that moment she represented the height of feminine political power... of how far we've come, how far we can go. like a living statue of liberty. despite all her faults, which everyone is eager to point out to me. yes, she has faults. but she is scrappy and tireless and has worked her ass off for women's and children's groups since college. this is a humanitarian who deserves so much respect. she is not the only one but, forgive me, obama, if i cant praise you, just now.

goodbye senator clinton. for now.

it was amazing. she has incredible energy, tired though she was.

i really do like obama, but there is a sadness in my heart to know clinton will likely not make it. well, is it really a surprise?


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