Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a liar AND a coward

Rove Avoids Subpoena by FLEEING THE COUNTRY

This morning, Karl Rove refused to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about the politicization of the Justice Department, despite a subpoena... Yesterday, Rove’s lawyer wrote a letter declaring Rove would not testify, citing executive privilege. During the hearing, Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT) revealed that Rove had not only skipped out of the hearing, but had skipped out of the entire country. Watch the video here (scroll down).

After Rove proved to be a no-show today, the panel voted 7-1 to rule that Rove’s claims of immunity under executive privilege are invalid.

The committee gave Rove five days to comply with the subpoena.

Last week, Sanchez and Judiciary Chairman John Conyers threatened to hold Rove in contempt if he followed through on his promise to defy their subpoena. It's unclear whether they will follow through on that threat.

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