Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC: Obama's Acclamation - Roll Call Video from Illinois to New York

watch the video of this fabulous political theatre.

during the DNC roll call (after california and illinois both pass), new mexico yields back to illinois, and chicago's mayor daly yields to new york.

hillary clinton then comes out onto the convention floor, which erupts into cheers, with her new york posse, schumer, patterson, rangall, etc. one ny guy (not sure who) begins to shout about new york's greatness in his new york accent (so funny and awesome) with schumer and clinton cheering behind him... and then clinton takes the mike and moves for obama's nomination by acclamation. shouts of "hillary, hillary" fill the entire convention.

pelosi asks "is there a second?" the convention erupts into cheers as she laughs.

the motion is passed and the music and dancing starts... "people all over the world, join hands..."

democrats know how to party!

you know, many people will have many opinions on this, but personally i think clinton was really brave, and looked like she sort of wanted it over with so she could just go home and stop smiling all the time. yes, she inspired the democratic party to become victorious and unified... but still, i imagine it was also somewhat painful, disappointing... she must have imagined herself receiving the nomination so many times.

still, pretty amazing that the first african-american presidential nominee is nomininated by acclamation by a woman... and not just any woman, but the next closest person to that spot.

historic days.

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