Wednesday, February 6, 2008

living in nyc gives this website a whole new meaning...

via overheard in new york

Unassailable Logic: A NYC Short Story

Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, our train cannot proceed because of the passenger on the tracks.
Young black dude: If he is on the tracks, he is not a passenger. Let's go!

--N train

Overheard by: Julia

... Updating God's MySpace Profile for Him

Bald white monk in orange robes: [Mumbling to himself.]
Bimbette, to friend: I guess he's, like, praying for a safe journey.
Bald white monk in orange robes: No, I'm on the phone [shows BlackBerry].


Overheard by: jharris

Shut Up, T!

Old lady: My grandson Brad and his Jewish wife had a baby.
Old man: That's very nice. And they're all doing well?
Old lady: I guess.
Old man: What is the baby's name?
Old lady: I don't know. Some long Jewish name.
Teenager: They named her 'Amy,' Grandma. Her name is Amy.

--M42 bus

I Got Yer Rhapsody In Blue Right Here!

Tourista #1, about street sign with large bend in middle: Why does the Gershwin Way sign have a curve in it like that?
Tourista #2: I think it's to symbolize Gershwin's music.
New Yorker passerby: A truck backed into it, ya stupid bitches.

--NW corner, E 50 St & Broadway

Overheard by: Big Larry

Where Have You Been?

Drunk, to queer: Fag!
Queer: ... Dad?

--14th & 8th

Overheard by: Ray

Our Bad

Girl #1: So, we have a bet -- if I have sex first, then I have to wear a shirt that she's written all over, but if she-- [looks around].
Girl #2: If she what?
Girl #1: ... I'll tell you later. I feel like people are listening, and I don't want to end up on some website.

--Starbucks, 51st & Broadway

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