Monday, February 4, 2008

california DTS voters - don't forget to mark box 6!

californians take note - if you registered to vote as DTS (decline to state), you can still vote in the democratic primary on february 5.

When you do, be sure to mark box 6 (see sample ballot below). otherwise, your vote may not be counted.

in an informative little post entitled I Know, Let's Make Voting Harder , dday over at digbys reveals that...
... in Los Angeles County, if a DTS voter requests their Democratic ballot and casts their vote, but does NOT mark "Democratic" in the appropriate space, will indeed not be counted. The ballot will go through the scan-tron machine, not register as a counted vote, AND will not spit back out for the voter to fix.

i know there's a lot you cali folks who are NOT in LA, but if you are registered DTS, i suggest taking a look at the ballot sample above (just in case) and make sure you mark box 6 when you cast your vote in order make certain that your vote is counted!

if you were wondering, californian DTS voters cannot vote in the republican primary as they have "closed" elections.

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