Monday, February 4, 2008

the colbert/conan/stewart battle - a video summary

this is so classic. these guys are so nutty without writers... i love it!

i've embedded all the videos below so that they are all in one place for your watching pleasure...

the show that started it all

tuesday, january 29, 2008

the story

(you can read this or just skip to the rest of the videos below...)

in the video above, a clip from the colbert report on tuesday, january 29, 2008, stephen gives us the background of the feud. when huckabee won the iowa caucus, stephen colbert claimed responsibility for this, saying that he had given huckabee the "colbert bump." not long after, conan o'brien claimed that in fact HE made huckabee, by energizing walker texas ranger, therefore energizing chuck norris, who in turn energized huckabee.

colbert responded to this claim with threats to conan's person, and conan responded to these threats by saying that just by mentioning colbert's name on his nbc show, he was breathing life into colbert's career... therefore, if conan made colbert, and colbert made huckabee, then conan made huckabee!

hang on, it gets even more ridiculous. ah, syllogisms.

at this point, colbert becomes sad and is almost ready to concede defeat, but just as he is about to, jon stewart appears on colbert's stage! jon has brought an incriminating vhs tape (yes, vhs) that proves that he, jon, made conan, and therefore, as conan made colbert, and colbert made huckabee, it must be inferred that jon stewart actually made huckabee!

jon then goes on to suggest that conan may perhaps have a response to this - "to waste time on all three of our shows!"


the following monday (yesterday), colbert comes onto jon's show to thank him, and the two of them are gloating over their victory, when suddenly... a sinister looking conan appears on the stage. the beginnings of a rumble ensue, but jon says he has to finish his show before the fight, so colbert and conan must go into the hallway to wait (to jon's immense relief).

monday, february 4, 2008

jon's moment of zen... he goes to join the battle, but finds conan alone, as stephen has already left to start his own show. and so the rumble moves on over to colbert's show...

that same evening, on colbert's show, stephen seems to have forgotten about the feud, and begins to claim that by the transitive property of huckabee, stephen colbert is john mccain! stephen then goes on to reiterate his position that all of this is due to the fact that he, colbert, made huckabee. however, jon stewart, overhearing this from next door (which is amazing, given that his show is actually taped about 10 blocks away!), bursts onto colbert's stage to rebuke him, and further, to claim that he, jon stewart, is actually jon mccain.

just then, an angry looking conan strides onto the stage... all 3 of them begin to take off belts and shoes, and the fighting is just about to get good... when colbert tells them that the fight must wait until the colbert report is over. and so jon and conan go out into the hallway to wait... again.

colbert finishes his show and goes outside to fight... however, he finds jon alone, as conan has left to do his show, so jon and stephen must wait for conan to finish his show.

and later that night, on conan's show, the battle - finally - ensues.

the end (or is it?)

**this post is dedicated to my mom, who was the one who made me aware of this whole silly thing! thanks mama :)


Anonymous said...

lol classic!

cyborgvalkyrie said...
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lia said...

hahaha... well not to burst your bubble of sanity, but they are 2 republican nominees for president. it is likely that mccain will be the republican candidate chosen, and in november he will go up against the democratic candidate, who will be either barack obama or hillary clinton.

but you really don't need to know all that to enjoy this ;)

ruthstorm said...

this is awesome! i don't even know who McCain and Huckabee are!

ah yes, my blissful ignorance of U.S. politics, it keeps me sane.

lia said...

oh, its you! hi :)

ruthstorm said...

do you know anyone else who is so proud of their ignorance of U.S. politics?

too bad my friends keep me overly-informed :P

lia said...
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