Tuesday, February 5, 2008

super tuesday live thread

12:55 am ~ and obama wins alaska.

ok, it's bedtime folks. bye for now.

12:45 am ~ romney wins colorado.
huck wins tennessee.

i think that makes 5 wins for each of them tonight.

12:40 am ~ obama is "apparent winner" in missouri!

12:15 am ~ clinton wins california. so does mccain.

i was hoping that california would go to obama. ny too.

probably the substantial latino population in california had a lot to do with clinton's win.

oh well. it's not over yet. and clinton is pretty awesome too, so either way, i'm happy, as long as whoever it is beats mccain (which i think either of them can do).

11:51 pm ~ so... DHinMI, a very wise person over at dailykos has posted the very real fact that the democratic delegate counts should be ignored, and here's why:

"Until the votes are completely tallied, we won't know the proportion of the votes won in a given state by Hillary Clinton and the proportion won in that
state by Barack Obama. Furthermore, about 75% of the pledged delegates awarded based on tonight's results will be parceled out by Congressional District, with the other 25% awarded proportionally based on the statewide totals. Are any states completely done tallying the statewide totals and the congressional district by congressional district breakdowns? No. Therefore, it's impossible to know what the delegate count is."

sooo... please disregard all the democratic delegate counts i have posted below ;) sorry!

11:50 pm ~ obama is making an awesome speech. and he just won colorado.


11:33 ~ romney wins minnesota... i think that's his 4th win tonight. huck's won 4 states as well. interesting.

11:15 pm ~ clinton wins arizona

the democratic delegate count hasn't changed, but check out the gop count:
mccain - 367
romney - 127
huckabee - 91 (there's georgia)

of course these counts are sans california. we'll see what happens when they call that race.

10:56 pm ~ as clinton speaks in new york, the screen announces that obama has won minnesota and idaho. california is too close to call for both parties.

10:49 pm ~ one more casualty from the severe weather, this time in tennessee

10:45 pm ~ huck wins georgia. that was a close race all night - a three way tie since the polls closed. very interesting. a repeat of west va? or just good ol' georgians?

one last delegate count update before the next big wave at 8 pm PST.

clinton - 160
obama - 138 (9 more than the last count, perhaps those were from KS and CT)

mccain - 314 (!)
romney - 127
huck - 58 (i expect this will change soon with the georgia win)


let me take a quick break from my election obsession to say this:


and now back to your regularly scheduled program...


10:30 pm ~ obama wins kansas and... connecticut!
let's take a look at that delegate count now.

clinton - 160
obama - 129

so i guess obama got 20 delegates from north dakota and utah? perhaps kansas and CT but i don't think they're counted yet.

10:03 pm ~ obama wins north dakota. and utah! what the heck?

9:52 pm mccain wins oklahoma. the pundits joke that it's the first non-coastal state he's won. because, you know, he's so liberal. ha. ha.

9:43 pm ~ the delegate counts at this hour:

clinton - 160
obama - 109

mccain - 291
romney - 91
huck - 58

wow... mccain is kicking ass.

also... a news story lost in the super tuesdayness of it all...

elections don't kill people, tornadoes kill people.
that really sucks :(

9:20 pm ~ mccain wins NY.
clinton wins new jersey.

chris matthews just compared mccain to an amtrak train. he is so lame. thank god olbermann is there to shut him up.

9:09 pm ~ with the NY win, the democratic delegate count has changed...
clinton - 141
obama - 106
edwards - 26 (that ain't gonna change, not tonight anyway)

9:00 pm ~ clinton wins NEW YORK! that surprises me.
obama wins delaware.

chris matthews keeps saying that clinton "has beaten the kennedys in massachusetts." annoying.

8:58 pm ~ clinton wins massachussets. sorry teddy.

8:54 pm ~ the democratic delegate count is currently:
obama - 106
clinton - 83
edwards - 26

does edwards get to give those delegates to obama or clinton? or do they just go away?

current republican delegate count:
mccain - 172
romney - 91
huckabee - 58

8:53 ~ huck wins alabama (not a surprise)

8:30 pm ~ clinton and huckabee win arkansas. i wonder if huckabee got thrown more votes this time or if it was a legitimate win?

mccain wins new jersey, illinois and delaware.

an interesting note - polls are showing that evangelical voters only slightly favor huckabee (33%) over mccain and romney (both 30%). it's kind of nice that they aren't biased against romney for his mormonism. i guess christianity is christianity when you're facing "the threat of evil islamic terrorists who want to destroy our country!" (sarcasm mine)

8 pm ~ big poll closing time...

clinton wins oklahoma
obama wins illinois
romney wins massachussets
mccain wins connecticut
clinton wins tennessee

all other races too close to call or too early to call.

7:47 pm ~ why do latinos lean towards clinton vs obama? the so called "black-brown divide"?

7 pm ~ barack obama projected to win in georgia! gop too close to call between mccain, romney and huck. can't wait to see what happens in ca and ny... although georgia was an "expected" win for obama, i have a feeling this is going to be a big night for him everywhere.

5:34 pm ~ ooh, romney is PISSED that huckabee won west va, he's blasting mccain for making a "washington backroom deal" and stealing his votes!

"Governor Romney had enough respect for the Republican voters of West Virginia to make an appeal to them about the future of the party based on issues. This is why he led on today’s first ballot... Sadly, Senator McCain cut a Washington backroom deal in a way that once again underscores his legacy of working against Republicans who are interested in championing conservative policies and rebuilding the party.” - Beth Myers, Romney’s national campaign manager

mccain scoffed at these accusations, saying he knew nothing about any of these deals.

well all's fair in love, war and politics... besides i love watching these guys bitching at each other. the other republican candidates seem to have formed a "we hate romney" club. poor little millionaire.

click here to read the details of how these fellas bought and sold their delegates in west virginia. ron paul, for example, threw his delegates to huckabee in exchange for 3 of the 18 west va delegates that huckabee would win (republican primaries are traditionally "winner take all"), while mccain, with a primary goal of stopping the romney threat, had his staffers start "parading around the hall carrying signs telling their delegates to vote for Huckabee."

caucuses are interesting.

2:33 pm ~ huckabee wins west virginia.

wow. i wonder how many other southern states he's going to win? he may not be written off tonight. or he will. we'll see!

1:11 pm ~ california is going to determine this whole thing... it's going for obama. even delegate wise. that's my prediction. (update 2/6/08 ~ ok so i was wrong...)

the ted/carolyn kennedy endorsement is also going to help obama a lot. you gotta wonder what kind of personal relationship exists between the clintons and the kennedys, and whether the obama endorsement is a reflection of that relationship, especially give that the kennedys themselves are split on clinton and obama.

funny how ted's family is for obama, and bobby kennedy's family is for clinton.
(update 2/6/08 ~ bobby's family is clearly superior ;) )

12:42 pm ~ so, mother nature doesn't want us to vote? i wonder if this affects anyone... probably obama and huckabee, since the "tornado" states are in the south...

12:05 pm ~ ok, so it looks like the coastal states (california, new york, new jersey) are going to go for obama. ESPECIALLY california. the question is, will obama draw even with clinton, or will be far surpass her? could he be the clear winner tonight in terms of delegate numbers? i'm going to research that.


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ha. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who thinks chris matthews (and his continual comparison of john mccain to the metroliner) is LAME. teehee!