Monday, February 4, 2008

who are you voting for tomorrow (or whenever your state's primary is)?

i am still undecided.

clinton has a better (imo) health care plan.

obama gives more inspiring speeches and seems to represent more authentic change. and will bring out the youth vote like never before in recent history. for just one example, check out this amazing video... yes we can!

but then, having a woman for president would be a bigger change than just having another man of a slightly different skin color. that would be an essential change and one i think would have far-reaching positive consequences for women in the us and, to a lesser extent, throughout the world.

however, i think a black man is more "electable" - in this country right now - than a woman. especially with all the misogyny against hillary clinton that has been in our popular culture for at least 16 years. someone said that she "reminds baby boomer men of their first wives." like this should matter. but of course, it does.

but the last clinton years were so good - and her policies would be very close to his i think... and we know that works really well for most people.

so, according to my tv, obama is now leading in massachusetts. the effect of the kenney endorsements, they say.

i still don't know.

what do you think?

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